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Club Unlimited is the clearest and most direct way to enjoy a fleet of boats. With us the limits are set by you!

For a monthly fee you will have unlimited departures and you will be able to forget about the expenses involved in maintaining your own boat (mooring, insurance, antifouling, engine maintenance, devaluation).

As a member you can access our fleet without annual limits.

Without having to invest in a boat, without having to pay moorings, insurance, maintenance and being able to have the support of our team at any time. That in the nautical world is priceless.

We can affirm that the saying:

the best days for a boat owner are the day you buy it and the day you sell it

It is completely true, since any boat owner knows everything that owning one implies.

Why is it interesting?

No surprises

Each boat owner must assume the following expenses:

  • Invest from €35,000 onwards to acquire a recent or new boat
  • All risk insurance, €700 per year
  • Mooring: from €2,500 per year
  • Assume possible breakdowns
  • security armament
  • Sport equipment
  • Maintenance expenses (antifouling, engine revision): from €1,500 per year

Having your own boat it is easy to spend €7000-8000 every year. For these reasons we have decided to create the unlimited club so that sailing is always a pleasure and not a headache.

What do we do?

To ensure the proper use and preserve the condition of our boats, we have established the following protocol:

  • weekly inspection
  • Check-in and Check-out with company personnel.
  • personalized assistance
  • Training course for each ship
  • Operational videos to always have important information at hand
  • Club member events
  • annual stranding
  • engine maintenance

Available boats

A Seadoo GTX 130 PRO (available by the end of June 2024)

La Graciosa, a 5m RIB, economical and suitable for water sports and fishing.


The Kanacea, Astilux AX 600 OPEN accessible to navigation license holders, a versatile boat to go out with friends and enjoy the sun or practice water sports.

Marlos, A Quicksilver Activ 605 open accessible to navigation license holders, a versatile boat to go out with friends and enjoy the sun or practice water sports.

The Arche de Noe, Beneteau Antares 7.80 with cabin, toilet, sink, shower, bimini and solarium. The star boat for comfortable sailing all year round.

boat rental yemaya

El Yemaya, Quicksilver Activ 675 OPEN, a versatile boat to go out with friends and enjoy the sun or practice water sports.

Location de bateaux - boat rental - alquiler de barcos

La Tuamotu, a Brig EAGLE 8, a high-end semi-rigid, the Porsche of our fleet for going out with friends and doing water sports. limited use.

Anything else?


By being a club member you can reserve the water sports equipment that we have available for free:

  • Wakeboarding
  • Kneeboarding
  • Donuts
  • Sofa & slide
  • Airslide
  • Sea scooter

Et aussi…

miembros members

members get more

Exclusive discounts for our skippered boats and free events that we will be organizing for club members.

Limited number of members  to ensure everyone’s enjoyment. Few partners to maximize customer service and the availability of our boats.

Therefore we cannot always welcome new members.

And can it be used without limit?

Yes, each member can reserve without limits following our protocol:

  1. A reservation corresponds to a morning or an afternoon. Reservations are always made by WhatsApp or email with a minimum of 24 hours.
  2. Each client has the right to 4 planned reservations, for example if I want the boat for me the whole weekend, I use my right of 4 reservations for Saturday (morning and afternoon) and Sunday (morning and afternoon). As of Saturday afternoon, 1 reservation has been released and the following Monday I will be able to have 4 reservations available again.
  3. Delivery and collection are made with the staff of Sur la mer. Any defects that are perceived in the boat will be noted.
  4. The client is responsible for refueling and cleaning the boat after use.
  5. The client is responsible for all damage to the boat, that is, pay the insurance franchise if applicable or if the amount is less, pay the repair.

All clear, let’s go ahead

Let’s meet then you decide

Let's meet then you decide
starts at
250€ per month

As a family business and owner of our fleet, we attach great importance to the relationship, so we would like to meet you, to introduce you to our boats and our way of working.

Knowing us will give you the arguments to decide.

Member registration : €500

Bring a friend and your fee will be reduced for 12 months


250€ per month

  • Boats up to 6 meters
  • 2 bookings (autorenewal)
  • Enjoy the sea, hasslefree
  • Watertoys included
  • Large fleet


390€ per month

  • Boats up to 8 meters – Tuamotu excluded
  • 4 bookings (autorenewable)
  • Enjoy the sea, hasslefree
  • Watertoys included
  • Large fleet


490€ par mois

  • Boats up to 8 meters – Tuamotu included
  • 6 bookings credits (autorenewable)
  • Enjoy the sea, hasslefree
  • Watertoys included
  • Large fleet

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